Leica Binoculars

With the release of the Binocle 6×18 in 1907, Leica, under the guise of the Ernst Leitz optical company, embarked on 100-year journey of innovation in the field of binoculars. One of the company’s inventions included the first rangefinder, spotting scopes with an angled eyepiece and the use of ridge prisms, and to this day, Leica Camera AG is the only company to offer binoculars with both an integral rangefinder and selectable magnification.

Based in Solms, German, Leica Camera AG is broken up into three divisions—photography, hunting lenses and nature watching. As of the financial year 2006/2007, the company employed 939 people and brought in 145.7 million euros in sales.

It’s not difficult to see why the German company has been able to reach such heights. Other than its early advances in the field, Leica continued to push the envelope, producing new and innovative products. In 1963, Leica unveiled its Trinovid binoculars at the Photokina exposition. Slim and elegant in design, the Trinovid also featured a new central focusing control and an internal focus system that prevented suction when adjusting. The early ’90s saw another innovation to the Trinovid series with the launch of the BA, which featured new lenses and a redesigned mechanism. The Trinovid BA was released in 1990. Two years later, Leica introduced the first binocular with an integrated laser rangefinder, the Leica Geovid 7×42 BD (in 2004, the Geovid got a facelift, making it more compact).

Recently, in 2003, the company unveiled its new line, the Ultravid. Available in magnifications ranging from 7×42 to 12×50, the Ultravid line is of special interest to bird watchers thanks to its lightweight design and crisp, colorful images, bursting with sharp contrast.
Leica binoculars are of top-notch quality and are capable of creating bright images in even the lowest light. Durable, armor protected and water resistant, Leica’s are a great choice for serious nature enthusiasts. Though they are pricey, consumers should breathe easy that their investment is well protected; Leica binoculars carry a no-fault lifetime warranty.

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