Binoculars Reviews

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology in the journal The Living Bird last undertook a comprehensive review of binoculars in its winter 2005 issue, taking on dozens of binoculars in four price ranges: Economy (under $200), Mid-Price ($200 to $500), Top Affordable ($500 to $1,000) and Top Gun (over $1,000). The news was good. Few of the binoculars were awful; it was more a matter of how much buyers are willing and/or able to pay to get what level of quality and viewing experience. There are plenty of good to great binoculars in the $200 to $500 range.

Consistently, the manufacturers whose optics (some sell scopes and other products besides binoculars) get the best professional reviews and the most love from loyal owners are: Swarovski, Zeiss and Leica. Those three seem to be in a never-ending battle for the title of world’s best binoculars. Nikon is also a standout, and there are plenty of other reputable brands.

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