Binoculars Field of View

The importance of your binoculars’ field of view depends largely on the purpose for which you’ve acquired them. If you’re a birdwatcher, you probably only care about an especially wide field of view if you’re observing (for pleasure or research purposes) large flocks of birds. Being able to see more detail may trump a desire for a greater field of view.

Field of view refers to the width of your viewing area, measured in degrees or feet, at 1,000 yards. In general, binoculars with lower magnification have a wider field of view.

You might also consider wide angle binoculars (generally 60 or higher), which expand the field of view, but at the same time may sacrifice clarity. It’s not unusual, nor a flaw, for the edges to show distortion; this is just a function of the wide angle, and should not detract from your view.

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